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In a world of medical complexity, Dr. Roberts offers a refreshing approach that simplifies, clarifies, and reestablishes the foundation for short and long-term health.

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An exclusive high-touch medical service where convenience and exceptional healthcare meet.

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We are now offering NAD+ IV Therapy!

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Kona Integrative Health offers the healthcare solutions you have been waiting for. What sets us apart is our individualized, integrative, and patient-centered approach.

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Her proactive, compassionate, and above-and-beyond approach has been far-reaching in her practice, promoting rapid and lasting results.


See what Dr. Roberts’ current patients are saying about their experience and the results they’ve seen. If you would like to know what to expect from your treatment, this is a great place to start.

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Luxury Medical Concierge Services

The future of medicine is at Kona Integrative Health, where your concierge enrollment gives you full access to a proven individualized system designed to optimize your health and prevent disease.