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Dr. Roberts brought this revolutionary test to the Big Island, and the benefit to her patients has been invaluable. This comprehensive test looks at the 4 determinants of chronic disease: lipids, inflammation, metabolics, and genetics. With this information, Dr. Roberts can create an individualized plan that will reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes – the top two killers of Americans today.  She spends an hour reviewing the results with her patients during which time she teaches, applies the information to you, answers any questions, and assimilates the cutting edge data into a tailored, patient-friendly plan. The best part, besides the remarkable patient outcomes, is that Boston Heart accepts all major insurance carriers. Please call our office for more information.

Kona Integrative Health

Dr. Kristina Roberts

Owner and Medical Director

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Gives a Person Hope

Love my Doctor, Kristina Roberts, she is smart, kind, caring and gives a person hope.....just what I've been looking for someone to help me address my issues and not putting me in a group treating me as an individual. She is AWESOME!

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