Luxury Medical Concierge Services

The future of medicine is at Kona Integrative Health, where convenience, luxury, and cutting edge medicine meet with our new medical concierge services.

Your concierge enrollment gives you full access to a proven individualized system designed to optimize your health and prevent disease.

Exclusive Medical Services Include:

  • High-touch, individualized, and exceptional medical care made accessible to you at a location of your convenience,
  • Unlimited on-call support and direct access to your personal doctor,
  • Comprehensive care that will uncover the root cause of disease rather than just covering up symptoms,
  • Cutting edge treatments that blend the best of eastern and western medicine to optimize your health,
  • IV nutrient therapies and vitamin injections specially formulated for you,
  • Annual enrollment is limited to ensure accessibility and the highest level of care. 

How do I know if I am a candidate for this service?

Kona Integrative Health’s luxury concierge program is catered to busy, on the go individuals and those desiring personalized, high-end, and convenient medical care in the privacy of their home.

Additionally, you are a great candidate for this program if you:

  • Believe your health is a priority but don’t have the time to invest in it,
  • Want to optimize your health, improve quality of life, and feel your best,
  • Want the efficiency of executive concierge care, where you won’t have to wait again,
  • Want direct access to a personal doctor who knows you and your health history,
  • Want someone to see the whole picture: acute & chronic medical care, disease prevention, and health optimization.

Medical director and owner, Dr. Kristina Roberts, is an integrative primary care physician expertly trained in naturopathic and conventional medicine, pharmaceutical management, and evidence-based alternative therapies. Please see our About Us page to learn more about Dr. Roberts and how she can help you.

Kona Integrative Health’s Luxury Concierge Medical Services is your all-access pass to wellness and longevity.

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