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Thorough & Thoughtful

Dr. Roberts is the most thorough and thoughtful doctor in Kona. She is a good listener, and speaks with intelligence in an understandable manner. As her patient, I feel she has my best health interests in mind, but also keeps the options affordable.

Excellent Communication

Dr. Roberts is an excellent doctor who is very thorough, communicates well, and is very knowledgeable. She will listen to you, and takes the time to answer any questions. She is up to date in her field of medicine. I would highly recommend her.

Primary Care Physician with Superior Knowledge

If you are looking for a primary care physician that has superior knowledge and great bedside manner, look no further.

Courteous & Compassionate

Professional, courteous, knowledgeable and compassionate. Dr Roberts is always there when you need her and focused on long-term solutions and providing life-style and lifelong solutions for optimal health.

Knowledgeable & Thorough Treatment

Kristina Roberts is knowlegeable and thorough with regards to treatment. Communication is open and comfortable. I am in good hands with Dr. Roberts.

Personal Touch & Time

I want to let you know how very helpful our time together during our December appointment was. I really appreciate all the personal touches and time you've taken with me-it has encouraged me beyond words! Thank you so very much!

Attentive to My Health Needs

Dr. Roberts is attentive to my health needs. She listens carefully to my concerns and knows exactly what to do about them. Care and concern are of primary importance to her.

Very Personable & Knowledgeable

Dr. Roberts is very personable and has a vast knowledge base concerning her field. Communication plays an important role in her diagnosis and treatment plan. I feel at ease discussing any problem that I may be having with my health.

Reduced Cold Symptoms in 24 Hours

Not only did Dr. Roberts handle my current need, when I mentioned that I had a bad cold & was getting on a plane shortly, she recommended a course of treatment on the spot! She also provided me with top medications that reduced symptoms within 24 hours.

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Kona Integrative Health

Dr. Kristina Roberts

Owner and Medical Director

Patient Testimonial

Thorough & Caring Health Care Provider

Dr. Kristina is one of the most thorough and caring health care providers I have ever had the pleasure of working with...and I've had a lot in my number of years, believe me! She really goes above and beyond to help get to the bottom of health issues and has a myriad of solutions to offer. I am really happy with what she has been able to do for me so far and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship. I can't say enough about her skills and knowledge, and her caring for patients is beyond wonderful.

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