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Dr. Kristina RobertsKristina Roberts N.D. is the founder and medical director of Kona Integrative Health. Practicing on the Big Island of Hawaii, she utilizes a functional medicine approach that combines the best of both conventional and alternative medicine to provide proactive and effective health solutions for her patients.

Although Dr. Roberts has a general practice and collaborates with her patients to treat all acute and chronic conditions, areas of specialty and passion include heart disease (such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol), diabetes, hormone imbalance, and obesity. She especially loves solving “people puzzles” and working with patients who have seen many specialists, have tried many treatments with no results, and feel discouraged and defeated by the lack of answers that they have received.

Rooted in Health

Dr. Roberts believes in leading by example, living the lifestyle she teaches her patients.  When she’s not in the office, she can be found at the gym for an early morning lift or at the high school track doing stair workouts or interval training. She is very involved in the island community and enjoys giving talks at The Club and Tutu’s House, sharing health tips for and ChoiceMart.

Rooted in Health
Once a New Hampshire girl, Dr. Roberts was brought to the beautiful state of Oregon for medical school before relocating to paradise to pursue her dream career. Her parents, who are entrepreneurs, and brother, an Army Ranger, have inspired and supported her every step of the way throughout her medical pursuits.
When she was old enough to get a job, she worked in the infant room at a preschool where she learned patience, at a five-star restaurant where she learned to serve, and at a rustic Maine lobster hut where she learned to interact.  The job that was the real game-changer was working with adults with disabilities. This was where she discovered her passion for improving people’s lives and health. She was the caregiver in a home of four residents with diagnoses such as Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, Down syndrome, celiac disease, and developmental disorders. She took the meaning of caregiver to a whole new level: in addition to meal prep, showers and giving medications, she actively involved the residents in decision-making and spent laughter-filled nights with them making grocery lists, meal-planning, and stimulating them with new ideas and possibilities. Her clients got involved in swimming, karate class, bowling, and healthy cooking. It was these empowering and collaborative changes that made a huge difference in her clients’ lives.
Dr. Roberts now understands how impactful small changes and collaborative care can be in the lives of her patients. Her proactive, caring, compassionate, and above-and-beyond approach has been far-reaching in her practice, promoting rapid and lasting results. She endeavors to help her patients improve all aspects of their lives, thereby improving physical and emotional well being. She treats each person as an individual, and tailors her treatment plans to their unique set of health issues, lifestyle factors, medical and family history, and genetic predispositions. She looks forward to the honor of serving you as your healthcare provider!

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Kona Integrative Health offers integrative and individualized primary care medicine from a whole-person perspective.

Kona Integrative Health

Dr. Kristina Roberts

Owner and Medical Director

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Compassionate & Encouraging

Remarkable - compassionate - encouraging. Dr. Kristina is knowledgeable committed and easily assessable. She is focused on root causes and addresses all questions.

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